Sunday, November 28, 2010

Children's Book Review: Barnyard Dance!

Name of book: Barnyard Dance
Author  / Illustrator: By Sandra Boynton
What's It All About: Animals dancing and boy do they dance...except the donkey (he's why we bought the book).
My Favorite Bit:  Stand with the donkey has to be one of the silliest lines and drawings ever.  Plus, this has been my daughter's favorite with her Dad for a long time.  Boynton is another fab rhymer and we love reading these!
Suitable Age For Reading It To: Everyone gets a kick out of this but it seems destined for the fairly young.
Go Get It: Barnyard Dance  (board book)
A little about the Author and/or Illustrator:  Sandra Boynton is a children's author, illustrator, songwriter, and an American humorist, who was born in New Jersey and grew up in Pennsylvania.  She has written more than forty books, four music albums, and over four thousand greeting cards. 

I'm going to cheat a little here, because I couldn't decide on a Boynton book to review so here are our favorite of favorites (not there aren't more but I have to stop somewhere).

Blue Hat, Green Hat: A turkey has trouble getting dressed like the rest of the animals...oops!

The Going To Bed Book: Animals on the ark get ready to bed and "somebody turns off the light".

Hippos Go Beserk!: A Hippo throws a party until the house is full of hippos, then the party needs to wind down again.
Fifteen Animals: The Farmer has special names for all his pets.

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