Sunday, November 21, 2010

Children's Book Review: The Judge: An Untrue Tale

 Name of book: The Judge: An Untrue Tale
Author / Illustrator: Written by Harve Zemach and written and illustrated by Margot Zemach
What's It All About:  Prisoners are marched in to plead with an unrelenting Judge.  They keep trying and trying to tell him of the horrible thing coming this way...Excerpt:

"Please let me go, Judge.
I didn't know, Judge,
That what I did was against the law.
I just said what I saw."

My Favorite Bit: I tell you, Judge, we all better pray! -- I really like the rhyming of this book.  It reminds me of my brother, as this book was bought for him but we all enjoyed it immensely and still say the line above when things are getting hairy.
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This one ain't really for the wee ones.  What I mean is, although it's quite funny and the illustrations are great, it has a sharp humor and...(plot spoiler) the Judge doesn't get a happy ending.  So, skip the little kiddos on this one and read it to your older ones--I'd say around age 5 up. 
Go Get It: The Judge: An Untrue Tale  You can check other places like Alibris or even Ebay as this one is a little harder to get, but it is a good one to have in your library.
A Little More About the Author and/or Illustrator(s): Margot Zemach was born in Los Angeles and collaborated on thirteen other books with her husband who went under the pseudonym of Harve Zemach.

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