Monday, November 15, 2010

Original Tale: The Park

We're stepping out, we're on parade
First there's Luke with lemonade

Off to the park, we'll swing on the swings
See Mercy and Rebekah wearing faerie wings

Can you watch me jump and dance?
Joshua's wearing his fireman pants

We're marching down cobblestones, here we come
Calvin is climbing, 'cause climbing is fun

The train park today is the place to be
Jamie's the lookout and what does he see?

More friends arriving from all over town
Now Jesse and Mattie are running around

At the park, there's a quiet spot
Callie and Augustine hang out there a lot

Brady's being a monkey on the monkey bars
Elisha has found all the little toy cars

Abel is swinging as high as the sky
And Genevieve's stopped a small dog trotting by

Who can skip as fast as they can?
Abigail skips while she's holding mom's hand

There isn't anything we have to do
But stay here and play here until it is noon

Then down we must sit for our picnic lunch
Duncan has found someone's carrot to munch

Elijah is finished, it's back to the slides
Hide and seek, I'll be it, so you run and hide

Ewan is jumping on his father's knee
There's wipes in the bag if you have to sneeze

Look back just a little way, you'll see we're all there
Most of us chatting and sitting (that's rare)

If you want to come find us, march down to the park
And play and play until it gets dark

Written and Illustrated by R. Nigh


  1. What a fun poem with so many honourable mentions ~ Thanks!

  2. I just found this. It's so much fun!