Friday, November 19, 2010

Original Tale: Waiting At The Window

Many kinds of children pass my window every day
I sit or stand and wait for one to point to me and say
I'd like to take him home, Mother, he seems so soft and kind
I'd like to take him home, Grandpa, if you would lend a dime
The dolls aren't much to talk to and the cars don't make a peep
There's a monkey by my window, however mostly he's asleep
I'm waiting for the tinkle of the toy shop's front door bell
I'm waiting for a little child to point and me and tell
Dear papa, he's the bear for me, I'll take him home for tea
Perhaps today will be the day that somebody buys me

Written and photo'd by R. Nigh


  1. Lovely, really nice. The sequel could be Bella crowded out of her bed by just one more bear.

  2. Thanks guys! Dad, I am certainly reviewing that book in the near future although over here it's called Dogger, which I like a little less for obvious reasons.