Monday, November 29, 2010

Original Tale: The Gingerman

A Little Old Woman baked a Gingerbread man
When she opened the oven, he jumped off the pan
He ran out the gate and on past a cow
Who started to chase him as fast he knew how

"Come back," they all cried, "We want to eat you!"
The Gingerman laughed as he passed a horse, too
"Just you run and you run as fast as you can,
You won't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man!"

A little parade of cookie eaters began
But that's no place for a Gingerman
He ran past a rooster, who flew right up
And chased the running cookie with a cluck cluck cluck

The Gingerman came to a pretty bright brook
And along came a fox with a sly little look
"Little man," said he, "what's the trouble here?"
"I can't get cross this stream, I fear."

"I can swim you across," said the fox with a grin
The little man agreed and they started to swim
 "On my nose!" cried the fox, "I'm beginning to sink!"
Then he swallowed that cookie with a nod and a wink

Everyone arrived just a moment after
"Too late," said the fox, with a chuckle of laughter
"What do we do now?" said the hungry horse 
The little old lady smiled and said, "Come home with us, of course."

Written and Illustrated by R. Nigh

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