Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children's Book Review: Angelina's Birthday

Name of book: Angelina's Birthday
Author / Illustrator: Written by Katharine Holabird and Illustrated by Helen Craig
What's It All About: A little mouse sees a beautiful bicycle in the window of a shop in town and does chores to try and get enough money to buy it.  She works and works but doesn't get enough money to buy the bicycle.  Her family and friends surprise her with the new bicycle for her birthday.
My Favorite Bit: The illustrations in these Angelina series are simply lovely.  Helen Craig's light touch and beautiful details add so much to each scene.  I love to just look at each page until I've discovered everything about it.  My favorite page in this is all the mice on bicycles. 
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This series leans towards little girls since Angelina is a girl, but they are a good fit for most kids.  My daughter is currently transfixed, though I think these are probably best suited to a five year old and up.  I'm surprised my daughter likes the older kid themes in these.   
Go Get It: Angelina's Birthday (paperback)
 A little about the author and/or illustrator: Katharine Holabird first began publishing the Angelina series in 1983.  Holabird grew up in Chicago, attended the ballet with her Grandmother yearly, and graduated from Bennington College in Vermont with B.A. in Literature.  Find out more about her here.
Helen Craig was born in London and moved to the countryside at the outbreak of WWII.  The illustrations for the Angelina stories are based on her childhood memories of living in a country cottage with no electricity.

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