Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Children's Book Review: Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

Name of book: Cars And Trucks And Things That Go
Author  / Illustrator: By Richard Scarry
What's It All About: Richard Scarry mostly does books in this unique style where you are learning about what things do and people's jobs and all sorts of little pieces of information.  There are a few stories in here but the main thing is what things that go do.   
My Favorite Bit: I think we all know what's coming.  If you own this book you know that Scarry put a little character called Goldbug on every page.  He's a little yellow bug and sometimes he's hard to find.  As adults I think we appreciate looking for him because we don't have to necessarily read all the little captions every page (there are a lot!)  Plus, everyone likes looking for Goldbug.  Besides that, there are always so many silly things to see on each page like funny shaped cars and the rascally Dingo dog that drives too fast and has to be caught by Officer Flossy.
Suitable Age For Reading It To: At different levels this book is great for all.  Little ones will laugh at the silly cars and look for Goldbug, older children will love the stories and what all the vehicles do.  These are just great books.
Go Get It: Cars And Trucks And Things That Go (paperback version but the hardback is worth it, too)
A little about the Author and/or Illustrator:
Richard Scarry (rhymes with hairy) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and has written over 300 books totalling over a billion printed world-wide.  His most popular series was the Busytown series (of which the above is a part).  He passed away from a heart attack in 1994 at the age of 74.

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  1. Remember when I went through this book from memory with Calvin when we were stuck in traffic? Mr Scarry saved our sanity.