Monday, March 28, 2011

Children's Book Review: Home For A Bunny

I have taken a short break from the Beatrix Potter series of reviews to reccommend this book solely because Easter is rounding the bend and it is a great book for an Easter basket.  Who knows, perhaps a few marshmallow peeps can be squeezed out to make room for reading.  

Name of Book: Home For A Bunny
Author / Illustrator: By Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Garth Williams
What's It All About: Down the road and down the road and down the road the little bunny goes to find a home.  Where is a suitable home for a bunny?
My Favorite Bit: Oh, it's hard not to love the last page with the two little bunnies fast asleep in their home.
Suitable Age For Reading To: This is for small ones.  The language is simple, repetitive in a comforting way, and the pictures are colorful and oh, soft somehow.  Older children may say they don't need to sit for it but you may find them peeking over your shoulder to see what happens to this cute little bunny.
Go Get It: Home For A Bunny
A Little About The Author And/Or Illustrator:
Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of books but is best known for Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny (though my favorite has always always been The Color Kittens).  She dreamed stories and wrote them down on scraps of paper, many of which are in a library in Westerly, Rhode Island.  She wrote the way children wanted to hear and taught illustrators to draw the way children see things.  She died from complications after surgery for a burst appendix at the age of 42.  Find out more about her at
Garth Williams was an American artist who has illustrated many famous children's book classics such as Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, and the Little House on the Prairie Series.  Williams also drew for the New Yorker.  At age 81 he had illustrated ninety-seven books.  He died at the age of 84 and is buried in Aspen, Colorado.  Find out more about him on wikipedia.

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