Friday, April 8, 2011

Beatrix Potter Review of Book Eight: The Tale of Tom Kitten

Name of Book: The Tale of Tom Kitten
Author/Illustrator: By Beatrix Potter
What It's All About: Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit is having friends to tea and she wants her kittens to be dressed for the occasion.  Mittens, Moppet, and Tom, so they were named, were put into the garden in their little outfits but they couldn't manage to keep them clean or on.  Three ducks waddling down the path, whose names are Jemima, Rebecca, and Mr. Drake, take the clothes themselves and wander off to their pond, much to the delight of the kittens.  Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit must deal with her kittens and the Puddle Ducks must deal with trying to swim in dress clothes. 
My Favorite Bit: I'm sorry to say my favorite bit must be the Puddle Ducks going back to the pond and the clothes coming off in the water.  I also enjoy the idea that they are bobbing for the buttons ever after in the pond.
Suitable Age For Reading It To: To be honest (and this is strictly my opinion), I've never found this story very interesting.  It is entitled The Tale of Tom Kitten but I suspect that Potter, like me, became more interested in the Puddle Ducks and forgot about Tom almost entirely, which is why she went on to write about Jemima in her next story.  You can read this to any age child but I think the idea of kittens disposing of uncomfortable dress clothes and giving them to the ducks is mostly funny to the parent reading the story.  However, I can be and very often am wrong so you may find this to be a favorite and read it to all children.  The illustrated kittens are not quite as cuddly and the ducks are far more elegant, if a duck can be elegant.  In any case, that is my opinion.

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