Friday, April 1, 2011

Beatrix Potter Review of Book Five: The Tale Of Two Bad Mice

Name of book: The Tale Of Two Bad Mice
Author  / Illustrator: By Beatrix Potter
What's It All About: Lucinda and Jane live in a real house with red brick, muslin curtains in the windows, a front door and a chimney.  They do not say much.  They do not say anything.  Lucinda and Jane are dolls and they live in a lovely little dollhouse.  When they are taken out, two little mice decide to visit.   They find lovely food on the dining room table but when it is discovered that the food is not real, they destroy the house and steal from the dolls.  What bad little mice! The dolls' owner says she will buy a policeman doll.  The nurse says she will set a mousetrap.  But the two little mice, Tom Thumb and his wife Hunca Munca are not really such bad mice.  They take care of the dollhouse after everyone has gone to sleep.
My Favorite Bit: Besides the fact that the little mouse is named Hunca Munca and that Lucinda and Jane never seem to say much about what's going on, I love the page with Tom Thumb sticking his head out of the soot-less chimney while Hunca Munca looks out the window below. 
Suitable Age For Reading It To: Again, this story is for everyone.  I love the detail that Potter brings to her books and this one is no exception.  She understands what children love--the wording, the exquisite tiny portraits of the little beautiful foods for the dining room that do not come off their plates--these are all just perfect.  Another classic!

And how could rodents as cute as these really be so bad?

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