Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Original Tale: Owlyoops!


There's a nice big tree just down our little lane
And I think it has become a sort of Inn
There are many little branches and many little spots
For sleepy little owlish gentlemen

Jeremy George has a tummy of orange
Horace and Benjamin sleep right below
Franklin B. Wriggle nests right in the middle
The man with the pocket watch, I don't really know

The top branch's reserved for little old Hermes
Bob and Bob-Foo are on branch thirty-two
But oh, little David Von Snookery Bean
Has the worst roosting instincts that I've ever seen

Jasper has noticed that David is leaving
Not perhaps as dignified as he would like
You only need one eye to notice quite plainly
That Wallace Lee Henry might soon catch a yikes!

Written and Illustrated by R. Nigh

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