Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beatrix Potter Review of Book Eighteen: The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles

Name of Book: The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
Author/Illustrator: By Beatrix Potter
What It's All About: Okay, so this little story has perhaps the simplest plot of all Potter's stories, excepting the Fierce Bad Rabbit I suppose.  I do not know that there is much to tell about the plot except to say that Ginger and Pickles, a yellow tom-cat and a terrier respectfully, run a little general store and give unlimited credit, which means they cannot keep the shop for long.  What is so very lovely about this story is that everyone is in it.  All the other characters shop in the store (except Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit who owns the competing general store and does not give credit). 
My Favorite Bit: Please review each page very closely and discover with delight each character coming to shop amongst the barrels and shelves and boxes.  I especially love the very last page after all the writing has finished and there are mice on a scale and Jeremy Fisher, Sir Isaac Newton, and Ptolemy Turtle playing on a scale like a swing.  I love all the details of this story. 

Suitable Age For Reading It To: This story is for everyone.  It does not matter whether you understand the concept of credit (as most adults do not even do that).  It only matters that you love to see all these characters congregating in the most charming way.  Find this one, dear friend.  It must be added to the collection.

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