Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beatrix Potter Review of Book Fifteen: The Tale of Pigling Bland

Name of Book: The Tale Of Pigling Bland
Author/Illustrator: By Beatrix Potter
What It's All About: Pigling Bland is sent away with the rest of the piglets for his mother, Aunt Pettitoes, cannot keep them out of mischief.  His siblings are ridiculously named and so I will not write any of them down but Alexander, for he traveled with Pigling Bland.  To make a longish story shorter, I will just say that Pigling is on his way to market to be sold and winds up finding a little girl pig named Pig-Wig instead.  They do not go to market and dance away on the hills.  The reason I will not tell this whole tale is that it does not have a very fine story arch.  It does, however, contain Potter herself and she has drawn herself into one of the first few pages.  The story is the longest of all the set and one of the least interesting (though now that I read it as an adult I can at least understand it more). 
My Favorite Bit: My favorite illustration is that of Pigling Bland and his brother Alexander sitting by the hillside eating their lunch and peppermints.  

Suitable Age For Reading It To: Once again this book is not for young children.  It would be better left to a Potter enthusiast who can read it themselves when they are a little older.  The story has not much to recommend itself other than some very dapperly dressed pigs. 

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