Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beatrix Potter Review of Book Seventeen: The Tale of the Pie And The Patty Pan

Name of Book: The Tale of the Pie And The Patty Pan
Author/Illustrator: By Beatrix Potter
What It's All About: A cat named Ribby invites a little black dog named Duchess to come for tea to have an excellent pie.  Duchess, not wanting to be rude, accepts the invitation but is sure that the pie will be made of mouse, which she detests.  Brilliantly she decides to swap the pie in Ribby's oven for a pie she has just made herself.  Little does she know that the oven has two doors and therefore there is a good chance that Ribby can have her pie in as well as Duchess' pie and never know the other was there. 
My Favorite Bit: I really love the illustrations of the little dog Duchess.  I also enjoy page twelve where Duchess is reading Ribby's invitation.  Her little paw is delicately on the paper and she is standing on her hind legs in a very sophisticated manner. 

Suitable Age For Reading It To: This could be read to young and old but the young may not understand it fully beyond the idea of switching the pies.  There is a patty pan in Duchess's pie, which you should look up the meaning of for your children will certainly ask you what it is (if you do not cook much).  Or, I will mention it right here: I cannot find exactly what it is but I believe it to be a ring of tin that is shaped like the edge of a pie crust and therefore keeps the pie upright and beautiful.  It seems to be a separate piece from the pan itself.  That, at least, is my vague understanding of a patty pan.  At any rate, this story hinges heavily upon the patty pan and I think children may mostly love it for the illustrations of the animals having tea.

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