Saturday, May 28, 2011

Children's Book Review: David And Dog or Dogger

Name of Book: American Title: David and Dog  Uk Title: Dogger
Author/Illustrator: By Shirley Hughes
What's It All About: A little boy named David (called Dave in the UK), has an old stuffed toy named Dog (Dogger in the UK).  He takes it with him everywhere.  One day he loses it and is distraught.  But lo and behold he discovers Dog at the local rummage sale and runs to tell his older sister Bella so she can buy it for him.  They return but the dog has gone.  A little girl has bought Dog and will not return it to David.  Thanks to some quick thinking and generosity on Bella's part, everyone winds up happy and Dog returns home with David. 
My Favorite Bit: I didn't mention it above but David's older sister Bella has a teddy bear collection and the pictures where she tries to sleep on her bed with all of them is priceless. 
Go Get It: Dogger at Amazon UK.  This is the paperback version.
Suggested Age For Reading It To: Our whole family loves this story and everyone can read it.  I wish I could find you the American version as I really enjoy the title 'David And Dog' but it is out of print. 
A Little About The Author/Illustrator: Shirley Hughes, burn in West Kirby, England in 1927, has written and illustrated over 50 books.  Hughes trained at the Liverpool School of Art and Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford.   Her first book, 'Lucy & Tom's Day' she made "because there weren't many books for young children about real life - what it feels like getting up in the morning, going to shops, having lunch, and so on".  The book was so successful that it became a series.  'Dogger' was another successful every-day story about children and Hughes' series about 'Alfie' has also been very successful.
Quote: "I want the children looking at my books to feel that they want to see round the corner; I want them to feel they are in the picture they are looking at."

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