Monday, May 30, 2011

Children's Book Review: The Golden Egg

Name of Book: The Golden Egg
Author / Illustrator: Written By A.J. Wood and Illustrated by Maggie Kneen
What's It All About: A little duckling and a chick try to find a golden egg but keep uncovering other colored eggs.  Each page has a fold out with the egg hidden behind it covered in different color foils--really beautiful! The last page both sides fold out and my kids can't get enough of it.
My Favorite Bit: I love the page with the swan.  It's wearing a crown and has the egg on it's back.  Simply enchanting.
Go Get It: The Golden Egg
Suitable Age For Reading It To: Everyone likes finding these beautiful sparkly eggs and I like displaying this book and having it on our bookshelf courtesy of Mema and Baba Nigh.
A Little About The Author/Illustrator: I cannot find out anything about A.J. Wood so if you know something, please tell me!
Maggie Kneen is an author and illustrator from Crosby, England.  She studied illustration at Liverpool Art College and went on to get an MA in graphic design and an M.Phil in Medieval Art and Archaeology.  She has designed things for Martha Stewart, Wedgwood, and even British Airways.  At the Children's Book fair in Bologna Italy she met her future agent and has been doing children's books ever since.

Maggie in Plockton, West Coast of Scotland

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