Monday, June 13, 2011

Children's Book Review: Chameleon's Colors

Name of Book: Chameleon's Colors
Author / Illustrator: By Chisato Tashiro
What's It All About: A Chameleon who is tired of not being seen discovers that the animals of the jungle are all tired of their colors, too.  Chameleon crushes flower petals and makes many different colors and paints all the animals new and fantastic colors.  The first day they are all so proud to be brightly colored but by the second day they are upset.  The lion cannot hunt because the other animals can spot him from far away.  The snake doesn't know which animal he likes to eat.  Life was easier before they were so many colors.  They chase Chameleon to the edge of a cliff and just as they're about to get him, the rain begins to fall.  All the colors drain off of them and they leave, appeased. 
My Favorite Bit: The page where the animals are rushing towards the chameleon is my favorite because the chameleon turns the color of the rock and closes his eyes.  He looks so sad.  It is the picture that made me buy the book.

Go Get It: Chameleon's Colors
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This story may be best for a little bit older child such as six or seven.  My four year old understands the basics of it but I think most of it passes her by (besides looking for the chameleons on the last page). 
A Little About The Author / Illustrator: Chisato Tashiro was born in Tokyo, Japan. She studied economics at Meiji Gakuin University and later studied the history of childrens picture books at a school in Takatanobaba.

Chisato Tashiro

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