Saturday, June 25, 2011

Children's Book Review: Library Lion

Name of Book: Library Lion
Author / Illustrator: Written by Michelle Knudsen and Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
What It's All About: One day at the quiet library, a lion shows up.  The librarian doesn't mind as long as he follows the rules: no running, no loud noises.  Soon the people in the library get used to the lion and the librarian even has him helping out.  One day the librarian falls and hurts herself.  She can't get up.  She asks the lion to get help.  The lion runs (no running!) The lion roars at the assistant (no loud noises!) The lion leaves, knowing he has broken the rules.  Can they find the lion and tell him it's all right to come back to the library? Read on.
My Favorite Bit: 
By far the picture below is what makes this book lovely.  The lion looks so sad.

This illustration of the lion laying down in the story hour area is also perfect.  I love the light touch with the illustrations and the poses of the lion.

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Suitable Age For Reading It To: This book is great for all ages.  The wording is done well and the illustrations are great.
A Little About The Author / Illustrator:
Quote from Michelle Knudsen: I'm the author of 41 books for children and a sometimes-editor and sometimes other things. My best-known book is Library Lion, and my most recent title is the picture book Argus. And my fantasy novel The Dragon of Trelian is now out in paperback!   
To find out more about here go here to her blog: Michelle Knudsen's blog

Kevin Hawkes is the illustrator of over 40 picture books including Chicken Cheeks, The Librarian Who Measured The Earth, Weslandia and Sidewalk Circus.  He lives with his wife and children in Southern Maine where he illustrates.  To find out more about Mr. Hawkes consider visiting his website at

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