Saturday, June 11, 2011

Children's Book Review: Mouse Soup

Name of Book: Mouse Soup
Author / Illustrator: Arnold Lobel
What's It All About: A little mouse is caught by a weasel.  The mouse convinces the weasel that the best way to make mouse soup is to fill the soup with stories.  The mouse tells the weasel four stories:
Bees And The Mud
Two Large Stones
The Crickets
The Thorn Bush
After the stories are finished, the weasel wants to know how he can put the stories in the soup.  The mouse tells him to get a beehive and some mud, two large stones, lots of crickets, and a thorn bush.  While the weasel is out getting these things (and being hurt and bothered by them) the mouse runs home to his own house.
My Favorite Bit: There is so much childhood in these stories.  My parents got this book for me when I was four and I can remember what I liked about each piece.  But, if I have to say, I suppose I really like the beautiful rose bush at the end of the the thorn bush story.   Mr. Lobel draws the roses so nicely that I wish I could have a big bunch just like the policeman.  (I'm going to cheat and say I do love the crickets as well!)

Go Get It: Mouse Soup book with cd from Amazon
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This one's for all ages and all time.
A Little About The Author / Illustrator: To read more about Arnold Lobel, please visit this earlier review of another of his smashing book series about Frog and Toad: HERE

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