Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Children's Book Review: Peasant Pig And The Terrible Dragon

Name of Book: Peasant Pig And The Terrible Dragon
Author / Illustrator: By Richard Scarry
What's It All About: Peasant Pig longs to be a knight so that he can meet the fair Princess Lily.  A terrible Dragon kidnaps poor Princess Lily and Peasant Pig decides he can help when the king's knights fail.  But will he conquer the Dragon with the help of his trusty friend Lowly Worm? Read it to find out! This story follows in the grand tradition of Scarry books where the characters are not only following a story (or few) but are also busy in the land they are surrounded by.  You can read to little ones about how farmers worked in medieval times, how knights played at tournaments, and read all sorts of fun little side stories. 
My Favorite Bit: Well, I've got a few as always.  For one you should look at the Queen--she's crying in every scene whether she's happy or not.  For another I love the names of the bad guys: Morbert, Merbert, Orgbert, Ergbert, and Sherbert.  And lastly, I still can hear my mother making the words sound like what they were when she read this line:

Peasant Pig and all of the soap landed right in the grape juicer where Princess Lily was squashing the grapes.  Splash. Splosh. Burrble.  Burrble.  The grape juice began to turn into grape soap-suds."

Splash. Splosh. Burrble. Burrble.  Grape soap suds to drink sounds simply disgusting.
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Suitable Age For Reading It To: As with most Richard Scarry books this is long! There are so many things to read about that unless this is the story for the evening you might want to break it up a little.  That being said, all kids love Scarry.  You can just narrate the pictures and go quicker or you can read the story to older children.  My nine year old still loves this book.
A Little About The Author / Illustrator: For more about Richard Scarry, please visit an earlier review: HERE

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