Friday, July 1, 2011

Children's Book Review: Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late!

Name of Book: Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late
Author / Illustrator: Written and Illustrated by Mo Willems
What It's All About: A cheeky little pigeon promises you he isn't tired.  Will you let him stay up late?
My Favorite Bit: It's very comic-like.  Perhaps it's the nerd side of me that loves these books...Nah, it's all of me.  The eyes are what get me.  They are so expressive.  This book is simplicity itself but it doesn't suffer for it.  You want to see what that little pigeon is going to try to pull next.
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Suitable Age For Reading It To: I like these stories (there are more than this one about the pigeon) because my younger child likes how we read them (LOUD for loud parts and whiny for whiny parts etc.) and my older child giggles at the drawings and can't wait for the giant yawn at the end.  So, I think this story is for everyone.  (I really wanted to use LeVar Burton's phrase here and say, "But don't take my word for it," and then have a bunch of cute kids saying what they liked.  Alas you just get me chatting away.  
A Little About The Author / Illustrator:
Before Mo Willems was a children's book author, he was a writer and animator for tv, most notably for Sesame Street.  He started children's books in the early 2000's with Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! and has gone on to write more Pigeon stories like the one reviewed above as well as Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale and Knuffle Bunny Two: A Case Of Mistaken Identity.  Check out more about Mr. Willems at
Mo Willems

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