Monday, July 18, 2011

Children's Book Review: A Fly Went By

Name of Book: A Fly Went By
Author / Illustrator: Written by Mike McClintock and Illustrated by Fritz Siebel
What It's All About: A boy sat by the lake and watched the sky and as he watched a fly went by.  The fly is trying to get away from the frog, who is trying to get away from the cat, who is trying to get away from the dog, who is trying to get away from that--that pig! The boy must get to the bottom of why all the animals are running away from each other but what will the boy find at the end of the chase?
My Favorite Bit: I really like these illustrations.  The characters are large and round and the coloring is really nice.  It makes you comfortable in this world despite the long line of animals fleeing from each other. The words are also in large print and easy to read, which makes the whole family come back time and again for another read.
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This story is easy to read and the rhyming nature of it keeps you turning the pages.  My four year old asks to read this at least once a day but older my son sneaks in to listen to the familiar tale.
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A Little About The Author / Illustrator: 
Okay, so I can't find anything on either one of these guys.  Too many people have the name Mike McClintock and it doesn't seem to be out there.  Fritz Siebel is another unknown--I only know that he was the first to draw Amelia Bedelia (review of this in the works).  Let me know if you know anything about them.  Cheers!

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