Monday, August 22, 2011

Children's Book Review: The Golly Sisters Go West

Name of Book: The Golly Sisters Go West
Author / Illustrator: Written by Besty Byars and Illustrated by Sue Truesdell
What It's All About: May May and Rose are going West.  "Go," May-May says to the horse.  The horse will not go.  Will May-May and Rose ever learn the right words to get the horse to go West? This book is full of short stories about two sisters named Rose and May-May.  The stories are short, fun, and the print is large for beginning readers.  It's a level 3 read alone (but it's so much friendlier with two).  The stories contained in this little book are as follows:
The Golly Sisters Go West
The Golly Sisters Give A Show
The Golly Sisters Get Lost
The Horse Gives A Show
May-May Loses Her Hat
The Golly Sisters Are Scared
My Favorite Bit: I like Ms. Truesdell's almost sloppy illustration-style.  The characters are lively, the colors are just right, and there's always something funny going on in the pictures.  Her style reminds me somewhat of James Stevenson and I like it.  My favorite story out of this set is The Golly Sisters Get Lost.  There are more in this series so get them all!
Suitable Age For Reading It To: This is a great read for three to five year olds and children can read it to themselves when they get old enough (though I wouldn't mind sitting by to hear about the Gollys).  The stories are short and the words are fairly easy to read. 
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A Little About The Author / Illustrator:
Betsy Byars is from North Carolina and now lives in South Carolina.  She has written over sixty books, her first was published in 1962.  She lives with her husband Ed on an air strip.  They are both pilots, and the bottom floor of their house is a hangar so they can taxi out and take off. Find out more about Ms. Byars at her website HERE.
Sue Truesdell has illustrated many children's books, including How to Talk to Your Dog by Jean Craighead George and Betsy Byars's I Can Read! series about the adventuresome Golly Sisters. Ms. Truesdell lives in Tenafly, New Jersey.

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