Friday, August 26, 2011

Children's Book Review: When I Get Bigger (Little Critter)

Name of Book: When I Get Bigger
Author / Illustrator: By Mercer Mayer
What's It All About: Little Critter, a series about a hedgehog-looking animal, will be able to do lots of things when he gets bigger.  He'll be able to go to the store by himself, have his own watch, cross the street, and even go to first grade.  But right now he has to go to bed because his parents say he's not big enough. 
My Favorite Bit: As some of you may know, Mercer Mayer is my favorite and my best.  In this particular story about Little Critter I like the page where he can go to the corner store by himself.  It's cheerful and I wish I could walk down that little street and wave hello to all the hedgehoggy things. 
Suitable Age For Reading It To: Little Critter stories are simple, the words on each page are large and few, and they are charmingly written.  Little children love to hear these and older children can read them to practice.  I'd say you could start reading these to a toddler and keep going until they take over and read them themselves.  This is a great series to have around. There's even holiday Little Critter's so they'd make perfect gifts.
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A Little About the Author / Illustrator: Check out my earlier post on Mayer HERE.

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