Thursday, September 22, 2011

Children's Book Review: The Little Rabbit

Name of Book: The Little Rabbit
Author / Illustrator: Story by Judy Dunn and Photographs by Phoebe Dunn
What's It All About: A little girl named Sarah finds a white baby bunny in her Easter basket one year.  She names the rabbit Buttercup and they become good friends.  Buttercup gets lost and is found.  Buttercup grows up and has baby bunnies. The baby bunnies are named after the days of the week.  Sarah's father says there are too many bunnies and other children take them home.  Soon it is just Sarah and Buttercup again. 
My Favorite Bit: This story is told in photographs rather obviously from the early eighties, but the photographer took some lovely pictures that made me want a baby rabbit so much! The pictures of Buttercup getting lost were just magical to me as a child.  This book is from a series about animals and their owners told in photographs.  Try them, you'll love 'em!

Suitable Age For Reading It To: These stories can capture younger children's eyes with the photographs and older children with the words.  There is about a paragraph a page so small children may not sit through it to start.  I'd say start around four and read on through till they move on.
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  2. My son learned to speak to this book. No, not read... speak. By they time he was two, he could fully recite the entire book. Heaven forbid you change some of the words, because he would correct you.

    He's 26 now and works as a pharmacy technician.