Sunday, November 6, 2011

Children's Book Review: Socks For Supper

Name of Book: Socks For Supper
Author / Illustrator: By Jack Kent
What's It All About: A man and a woman live in a little cottage and have only turnips to eat they are so poor.  Next door lives a wealthy farmer with a cow.  The man and woman dream of cheese and milk to eat.  The man looks for something to trade the wealthy farmer but all he can find is a pair of red socks.  He takes them anyway and lo and behold the wealthy farmer trades him milk and cheese for the socks.  The man and woman love the meal and want more but where can they get more red socks? The woman begins to knit more socks with the man's sweater and again he trades the socks for milk and cheese.  What will happen when his sweater runs out? Read on.
My Favorite Bit: I've always loved the way the cheese and milk looked and how happy the man and woman were when they had another meal.  This story's simple illustrations, lovely colors, and fun story make it a classic that must be in your library.

Suitable Age For Reading It To: This is a for everyone book.  Around two the children would understand the pictures and all the way up to ten will love the story.  My son still enjoys this one at nine and we don't plan on stopping reading it. 

Go Get It:  Socks For Supper at Alibris in hardback.  It has not been re-released as far as I can tell and that makes it harder to find one in good condition for little but here's a good try.
A Little About The Author / Illustrator:

Jack Kent was born in Burlington, Iowa in 1920 and passed away in 1985 from leukemia.  He wrote/illustrated over forty books and is best known for his comic strip King Aroo.  Kent dropped out of high school at age 15 and became a commercial artist until he joined the army in 1941.  Jack and his wife June named their home on the banks of San Antonio River King Aroo's Castle.

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