Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Review: Why I love Pollyanna

 Aunt Polly Harrington's stately home

 Pollyanna listening to what she must and must not do

Pollyanna is one of those movies that I seem to put on about once a year.  CRAZY you say? Well, that's as may be but I'm not afraid to admit I love this movie.  Why do I love it? I have this problem where it isn't so much the stories that I love, it's the atmosphere.  It's the location.  This movie has a little of it all.  I love hats, froofy dresses that serve no purpose other than to render the wearer uncomfortable and slightly more birdlike, beautiful old houses, roast chicken on a Sunday, and all the little goings on in a small town.  I love charity bazaars, porcelain dolls, a church that everyone attends (and wears hats to), visiting friends on beautiful afternoons, a train station with a train that actually comes puffing down the tracks carrying (wait for it) ladies in yet more hats and gentlemen wearing waistcoats.  I love shopping for a whole new wardrobe, milk to drink with your steak and potatoes, ice cream with a favorite maid, and a sleepy spaniel on the stairs.

Eating dinner and trying not to spill milk

Aunt Polly walking through the gardens unhappily

So okay, I may have made even myself a little ill saying all the things I love but I wanted to say something about a beautiful little story brought to the screen in the sixties with some great characters and even Karl Malden thrown into the bargain.  Take a moment out of cable-land and throw on this old classic.  If you like even half the things I mentioned above you won't be disappointed.  Share it with your kids.  Make a pitcher of lemonade, put on an old pair of gloves, and pretend you have a fat cook in the kitchen who will whip up dozens of cake just to spite you in your pearls.

Pollyanna arriving as an orphan to her rich Aunt's home

Stealing mint ice cream while Nancy and Angelica get ready to serve it to luncheon guests

Love it, too? Nab it here for a great little springtime watch: Pollyanna