Saturday, March 31, 2012

Five Books You Should Have For Easter

I love springtime, mostly because of the rain.  Rain means we can stay indoors and read books, work on projects, or just do Legos...that's right--I said Legos.  Here are a few books that are great to put in an Easter basket--saves you having to put in more candy, and books are always a lovely gift.  Our children have too many toys as it is so I love to buy books on all occasions.  

You can find the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  You can also get the book above, which is a pretty good children's Bible.  We read both on Easter and even though we enjoy bunnies, chocolate eggs, chicks, and Easter egg hunts, we still remember why we celebrate Easter in the first place!
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This is a book filled with soft and pretty illustrations.  It is a "lift the flap" book with some gorgeous hidden Easter eggs with added foil detailing.  
I've reviewed this already and you can check out my full review HERE.
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This is another book in a series of photo books.  The photos are from the seventies, but they are quite lovely.  The Little Duck is about about a boy who finds a duck egg in the grass near the edge of a pond. 
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(You can also check out "The Little Rabbit" which I've reviewed already HERE.)

A fun book from my childhood, written by Margaret-Wise Brown and illustrated by Garth Williams.  Can you get any more classic than that? Check it out!
I've reviewed this and the link is HERE.

Celebrating the holiday with the most candy thrown at you, this book will look perfect at the back of an Easter basket.  It's one in a series of Happy Day Book's called "How God Gives Us..."  It's my favorite, not only because of the subject, but because it is informative, illustrated nicely, and short.  Pick this one up used today!
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So there you have it.  If you need something to watch on Easter, I can always recommend these:

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