Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comic Book Review: Tintin In America

I will begin reviewing the Tintin comics with Tintin In America.  While it's not my favorite, it is the first that I'll review since the previous two that Herge wrote (Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets and Tintin In The Congo) are not widely circulated and (my opinion) Herge hadn't hit his stride yet.  This is the third official comic in the series The Adventures Of Tintin.

Name of Comic: Tintin In America
Author: Herge
What's It All About: Tintin, a famous reporter, visits America with his faithful dog Snowy, where he plans to report on the crime syndicates of Chicago.  Tintin gets into many scrapes with the mob and they spend all their energy trying to do away with the meddlesome detective.

My Favorite Bit: In this one my favorite bit is when Tintin has to dive off the train, off a trestle, and into water below.  It's a pretty amazing sequence.  I couldn't find a picture of it online but that just means you'll have to buy the book.
Suitable Age For Reading: My suggestion for a good age to start reading this is around eight.  Kids can look through these at earlier ages but there is a lot of talking and many plot ideas that need a little older mind to be understood.
Go Get It: Tintin In America on Amazon US.  I listed the paperback version as they are more comic-bookey that way. The hardbacks are fine but tend to put three books in one and I prefer each as an individual comic.

A Little About The Author:
Herge is the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi, a Belgian comics writer and artist.  He was born (on my birthday) May 22, 1907 and died March 3, 1983.  He is best known for the Tintin comics but he also wrote the other book series such as Quick & Flupke and Jo, Zette, and Jocko. A Herge museum was opened on June 2, 2009 in Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium and Herge was inducted into the Comic Book Hall Of Fame in 2003.

Stick around for further reviews of Tintin Comics.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A note

Good day to you blog-world.  Just a note of apology at my lack of reviewing--we have suddenly moved and as you know moving is exhausting and consuming.  I will be posting reviews again very soon.  Thanks for holding on!  Coming soon: Reviews of all Tintin comics!