Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comic Book Review: Cigars Of The Pharaoh

Well, you can tell that my summer has not slowed down but rather ramped up.  I apologize for the lengthy quiet in between comics but on to the next.

Name of Comic: Cigars Of The Pharaoh
Author: Herge
What's It All About: We start aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean with Tintin and Snowy.  They meet an Egyptologist named Dr. Sarcophagus who invites Tintin to come exploring with him.  They discover a tomb but opium is piped into it and they pass out.  They wake up on the sea in sarcophaguses, not knowing what happened to them.  This comic is filled with opium smugglers, Sheiks, ships, and a poison of madness.  We meet Oliveira de Figueira, Rastapopolus, Sheik Patrash Pasha, and for the first time--Thomson and Thompson, who think Tintin is a thief and a smuggler.  This fine story continues in The Blue Lotus.

Sarcophagus setting off a gun accidentally with Tintin and the Fakir

My Favorite Bit: I like this whole story.  It travels from the desert to the jungle to cruises to tombs.  I like the feel of it, the pacing, and the story line is fun.  Herge is at his best here and you can bet that parts of this story will probably end up in the next Tintin movie.  If you had to get three of these comics to start with, this should definitely be one of them.

Tintin and Snowy running for a plane / Tintin in a car in the rain

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Tintin and Snowy back on a cruise ship, looking out to sea...